Wyatt Nibert Obituary, Family and Friends Mourns

Wyatt Nibert Obituary, Death –  According to several accounts from the media, the body of a West Virginia youngster who was 10 years old and had been missing for many days after going hunting with his grandfather was discovered. According to a story by West Virginia MetroNews, which cited the Mason County Sheriff’s Office as its source, the kid, whose name was given in his online obituary as Wyatt Eaves-Nibert.

Had been reported missing early Saturday morning in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. On Sunday, his body was discovered with a single gunshot wound to the head. According to the outlet, the first reason the police were called to the location was because the boy’s grandfather was involved in an ATV accident an hour after the boy, who was 10 years old, went missing.

MetroNews stated that Wyatt was in possession of a.22 caliber rifle at the time of the incident. The investigators have not commented on whether or not they suspect foul involvement. “Wyatt was very trained on gun safety,” Adrienne Nibert, Wyatt’s mother, told WCHS. “He was aware that he should not stroll around with the safety engaged and that he should carry the weapon on his back with the muzzle pointed upwards. He had a lot of self-control when it came to the trigger.”

Wyatt “enjoyed hunting, fishing, wrestling, heavy metal music, and anything to do with the military,” according to his obituary. Wyatt also “enjoyed anything that had to do with the military.” His parents, two brothers, two grandparents, three great-grandparents, and one great-great-grandmother are the only members of his extended family to have survived his passing. At the time, he attended Roosevelt Elementary School in Mason County and was in the fifth grade there. According to WSAZ 3, Wyatt’s remains was sent to the State Medical Examiner’s Office so that further inquiries might be conducted there.


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