Why Ryan Gosling And Margot Robbie Make The Ideal Barbie And Ken

Like a particular 12-inch-tall fashion doll that first appeared in popular culture in 1959 and has since remained there, Margot Robbie has frequently demonstrated her adaptability. Originally created as a beach toy, Barbie has grown to become a convertible-driving, DreamHouse-owning doctor, businessperson, rock star, astronaut, and president who appeals to people of all ages, including those who have never owned one of the more than a billion Barbies sold.

She’s been around long enough to be both obnoxious and motivating, and yet she still manages to be physically demanding, appear immaculately dressed (apart from the time you played hair stylist with actual scissors), and stay contentedly unmarried. She also has a movie of her own, whose iconic pink box claims to clarify everything spoken thus far. The CEO of E! News, Keltie Knight, was addressed by Robbie with the following statement:

“Hopefully by the end of it, you are thinking about life and what it means to be alive, and how tricky but rewarding that is.” Therefore, despite how gorgeous and sparkling it may be, Barbie is a little more intellectual than your typical summer popcorn flick. Robbie claims that it does contain some incredibly moving moments.

Barbie doesn’t cry often, so this is unusual. In addition to finding the proper actor to play the title role, Barbie also required someone to portray Ken, her similarly fun-loving and fit yet gelded fiancĂ© who, to be honest, has no idea what spending the night together would accomplish. Without it, the movie wouldn’t have stood a chance, much less gotten to enjoy the almost crazed anticipation before its July 21 debut.

The movie’s eventual release was made possible by the fearless producer Robbie and his fellow risk-taker Ryan Gosling, well known for “Hey, Barbie.” According to Simu Liu, who plays one of the numerous Kens that wander Barbieland in the film, Margot and Ryan are unquestionably what you think of when you think of Barbie and Ken.

They supposedly “truly embody Barbie and Ken’s energy.” The co-stars’ willingness to go where writer-director Greta Gerwig wanted to take them, despite their physical attractiveness and two nominations for Oscars, was crucial in unveiling the humanity concealed in the plastic. Robbie was lauded by Gosling, who said of her performance, “It’s so moving, people are not prepared for her performance.” Due of how sincere it is, they will cry.

He cracked a joke about himself and declared, “I Ken’d as hard as I could, that’s all I can say.” While ideas for a film based on Mattel’s popular toy came and went, the meaning of “Barbie-ing” or “Ken-ing” remained a mystery for years. Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway were also vying to portray the iconic role with the scythe-footed feet when Sony’s option on the role expired in 2018 and the rights to everything Barbie possessed returned to her parent company.

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