Toby Murcott Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Toby Murcott

Toby Murcott Obituary, Death – It is with profound sorrow that we convey the heartbreaking news of Toby Murcott’s untimely passing on Monday, August 28th, following a brief and unexpected illness. Toby’s departure leaves a void that words can scarcely fill, and we find ourselves mourning the loss of an exceptional individual.

Toby was not just a good man; he was a paragon of virtue, a dedicated family man, and a shining example of intellect and humility combined. His remarkable ability to elucidate complex concepts without a hint of condescension endeared him to all who had the privilege of engaging with him.

His quick wit and warm demeanor brightened our lives, making every encounter with him a joyous occasion. Toby was the epitome of integrity, and his loyalty as a friend was unwavering. Toby’s passion extended far beyond his personal circle. He cherished life in the Golden Valley and was on a mission to improve it for its residents. He selflessly invested an enormous amount of time in local projects, from shaping the neighborhood plan to tirelessly advocating for equitable rural broadband access.

Toby’s updates on the broadband situation were a lifeline for many, even in the face of frustrating stagnation. As a longstanding member and, later, Chair of the Abbeydore and Bacton Parish Council, he had high hopes of becoming the local ward councillor, a role he believed would allow him to effect genuine change. Toby took great pleasure in canvassing, relishing the opportunity to connect with people on doorsteps and at local events.


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