Tina Leotta-o’dea Obituary, Friends And Family Mourns Death Of Tina Leotta-o’dea

Tina Leotta-o’dea Obituary, Death – Tina’s death was confirmed by her family member who stated about  her and her death saying “Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing my aunt Tina thought that she was genuinely amazing. She had been battling her illness for a considerable amount of time, but unfortunately, she was unable to prevail over it and passed away a few weeks ago. I just wanted to share some of the memories that I have of her because I believe that it is vital to remember the people you care about when they were at their absolute best.

She was one of those individuals. My aunt was a very creative person in her own right. She would sketch, paint, and produce a variety of other pieces of art whenever she got the opportunity. When I was a kid, she would motivate me to be creative in ways that no one else could have, and nothing else could have, come close. In addition to it, she was an exceptional cook and a baker. When I was a kid, I remember that once the weekend arrived, she and my dad would always be in the kitchen creating some wonderful dish.

This was a tradition that continued even after I moved out on my own. She had an excellent capacity for listening and was always ready to provide helpful advice. She helped me get through a lot of tough times in my life, and I regret being able to talk to her about it now that we aren’t together. It breaks my heart that neither of my children will ever have the opportunity to meet Grandma, but I will make sure they are aware of who she was. The loss is devastating, but on the other side, I am delighted that she is finally free from the pain that she endured both physically and psychologically. Cioci Tina, I am looking forward to our next meeting very much.

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