The ‘Rick and Morty’ cast discusses recasting following Justin Roiland’s Dismissal

During the Rick and Morty panel on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, an update on the casting process was given following Justin Roiland’s departure due to felony domestic abuse allegations that have now been dropped. The recasting process is about to come to a close, according to executive producer Steve Levy. It’s going to be fantastic.

He paused momentarily, perhaps unsure of what to do. Everything that is going on right now, especially the season seven work, has me quite impressed. Since the first episode premiered in 2013, Roiland, who co-created the series with Dan Harmon, has portrayed inventor Rick Sanchez and his adolescent grandson Morty. Levy further clarified that he did not desire the recasting dispute to overshadow the other team members’ preparations for the next seventh season, the start date of which has not yet been established.

Levy said, “The show is as good as it’s ever been.” A fan afterwards brought up the issue of whether the substitute voices would sound like Roiland’s. Levy identifies it as soundalikes. The characters haven’t altered; they remain the same. According to reports, the co-creator of Rick and Morty was indicted for felony domestic abuse in Orange County, California, in January.

Adult Swim responded by making a statement in which it declared that it has “ended its association with Justin Roiland.” The television show has a contract through season 10 after receiving a 70-episode order in 2018. Roiland will continue to hold the title of co-creator while Scott Marder will be in control of the program. Due to the writers’ strike, no members of the Writers Guild were permitted to present projects at the panel on Friday, thus Harmon had to miss it. Celebs have been absent as a result of the actor’s strike. The allegations against Roiland were dropped in March by the Orange County District Attorney’s office. Roiland tweeted at the time that the announcement was “justice.”

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