Stormie Lei Ray Thomas Missing, Help Locate Stormie Lei Ray Thomas

Stormie Lei Ray Thomas Missing – I truly hate even having to post this, but I waited to see if she was going to come home before I decided to post it. Or, her father was going to act in the appropriate manner. But if all of my friends on Facebook could keep an eye out for Stormie Lei Ray Thomas, that would be very appreciated! She escaped the Georgetown, Alabama area as quickly as she could. The last time anyone saw her, she was wearing a maroon shirt with khaki jeans.

Made a phone call to her Dad Jodie Ray Thomas at 316pm and 324pm using the phone of a neighbor, first to tell him she was getting her stuff ready and then to tell him she was all set. The calls took place at the same time. But despite this, her father claims that he hasn’t communicated with his daughter in a while (I have a screenshot of his call record to show that he is lying about this). Personal communication was established with his girlfriend Michelle Diane Glazier, and she confirmed that she, too, had not seen Stormie.

We have been informed that Stormie is currently staying with a girl who resides in the same house as her father. Yesterday (9/6/23), Stormie lied to numerous children at her school about her plans to visit her father, despite the fact that those children were aware that doing so is against the law. Her father resides in Saucier, Mississippi. If anyone has seen them or has any information about them, please get in touch with her mother, Memori Lei Maxwell, or myself, or call 911. Thank you. I have included a new picture of Stormie as well as a picture of her father. It’s possible that they’re driving a red automobile with two doors, but we don’t know the brand or model just yet. Please say a prayer for both her mother and her sister Stormie.

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