Steve Spenner Obituary, Kooksia Idaho, In Loving Memory Of Steve Spenner

Steve Spenner Obituary, Death – On August 26, 2023, Steve Spenner, a resident of Kooksia, Idaho, went away in the tranquility and comfort of his own home, with his devoted wife Candis Spenner by his side. Steve was a married couple. Candis Spenner never left his side at any point during the conversation. In the midst of an outpouring of affection, he was laid to rest on the parcel of land that he had grown to regard as his home over the course of his life.

Steve was born on the 20th of September, 1950, and he was born in the city of La Porte, which is located in the state of Indiana. Steve’s birthday is September 20th. It was at North Judson High School in North Judson, Indiana, that he finished his high schooling and received the education he needed to become an industrial electrician. North Judson High School is located in the state of Indiana. Despite the fact that Steve had a strong affinity for all kinds of animals, he had a special place in his heart for horses. This was true even though he loved animals in general. It was possible for Steve to get a sense of fulfillment as a result of the work that he accomplished as a volunteer fireman.

Steve was a committed gardener who put in a lot of effort to establish the kind of life he had always envisioned for himself. Steve’s dream was to have his own garden one day. There are many people who will remember Steve, including his wife Candis Spenner, his son Brent Spenner, his brother Bob Spenner and his wife Linda, a niece and a nephew, and his fellow firefighters. His wife Candis Spenner is also left behind. Both of Steve’s parents passed away before he did; his mother, Dorann Yanda, and his father, Harold Spenner, both passed away before he did. The third and final child, Steve was the youngest of the bunch.

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