Sr. Annette D’Antonio Obituary, Principal of St. Mary’s has passed away

 Annette D’Antonio Obituary, Death – We have gathered here as a community of faith with heavy hearts to deliver the awful news of the passing of our greatly loved Sr. Annette, who was a teacher, spiritual counselor, mentor, and friend. Sr. Annette served as the Principal of St. Mary’s and the Assistant Principal of East Shoreline Catholic Academy, among other roles. We will miss her deeply.

Because of her unwavering commitment to Catholic education and her passion for promoting the intellectual and spiritual growth of our children, she was able to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone she came in contact with and make their own life better as a result. Please follow this link to see more information regarding the funeral services for our sadly departed Sister Annette.

Following the performance of the blessing of the corpse at 1:30 in the afternoon at Villa Walsh in Morristown, New Jersey, the recitation of the Rosary will take place. The body will be laid to rest immediately following the conclusion of the Christian funeral ceremony, which will begin at three in the afternoon. In the midst of our common experiences, let us not forget how she led with a steady heart and a joyful spirit while instructing us, praying with us, singing with us, and guiding us in the spirit of joy.

I pray that one day she will join the angels in worshipping God and that she will honor him. Dear Lord, I pray that you’ll grant her an everlasting sense of calm and contentment. And may there be a light that shines upon her that never goes out. It is my prayer that, by God’s mercy, the souls of the righteous individuals who have passed away may one day find peace in heaven. Amen. On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, the funeral ceremonies for Sister Annette D’Antonio will be held at Access to the Services via the Zoom Link

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