SpongeBob’s Voice Actor’s Wife Denies Dating Ariana Grande, Mistaken for Ethan Slater

While there may only be one SpongeBob beneath the sea, there are actually two of him, and Ariana Grande is only dating one of them. Jill Talley had to clarify the issue when some fans thought the pop singer was dating Tom Kenny, the actor who has been portraying the cartoon sponge on Nickelodeon for more than 20 years.

On July 20, The Cut published a picture on Instagram asking, “Is Ariana Grande Dating SpongeBob Now?” This led to confusion. Ethan Slater, who portrays the original SpongeBob in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical and is Ariana’s co-star in the next Wicked movie, is actually the SquarePants in question. Apparently, she wrote on Facebook, “Hi everyone, I’m married to Tom Kenny (who voices SpongeBob on the TV show),” as reported by People. His girlfriend is not Ariana Grande.

I don’t know for sure, but Ethan Slater, who played SpongeBob in the show, might be dating Ariana Grande. However, they’re both so cute together, so I completely ship it. I merely wanted to make things clear. In fact, this nautical news emerged on the day of Jill and Tom’s anniversary. “PS: As for me and Tom Kenny, we are celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary today,” the voice actress wrote, adding a red heart emoji.

A few days after it was made official that the “7 Rings” singer and Dalton Gomez decided to divorce after two years of marriage, news of Ariana and Ethan’s relationship surfaced. An insider revealed to E! News on July 20 that the two Wicked actors had only recently begun dating and that Ariana and Dalton “remain friends.” The insider also confirmed that Ethan and his wife of four years, Lilly Jay, have separated.

Ethan garnered a Tony nomination for his Broadway performance as SpongeBob. In 2022, they welcomed their son into the world. Since Ariana and Ethan haven’t made their relationship status public, Ethan has kept his Instagram private, and Ariana has deleted her wedding photos with Dalton. Ariana wrote a heartfelt letter explaining how working on the musical version had “healed” her before news of her new relationship surfaced months ago.

Ariana said in the April 3 message, which was made in the middle of the filming, “But she will always be with me.” She commented, “Savoring every millisecond left with my Galinda.” “To be changing and healing elements of myself that I either didn’t realize needed it or may have needed it, to be here in Oz where a life-changing event occurs every day. I want it to continue indefinitely. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart while I’m still here and in the present! Please, let my heart overflow.

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