Scott Weiss Obituary, Erin Bradshaw’s Husband Has Sadly Passed Away

Scott Weiss Obituary, Death – Both Scott Weiss and Erin Bradshaw are industry leaders with many World Championship championships. The pair married in May 2017 and, like many young couples, are balancing demanding careers with the horse industry’s unique demands. Erin successfully markets her mother’s law practice, KoonsFuller, in Denton, Texas, as well as her father, NFL icon Terry Bradshaw, and his horses, and her husband’s developing business.

Scott Weiss Show Horses in Aubrey, Texas, produces 10–15 foals year, and a few are developed under his program. The others are offered to lucky clientele who understand the care, expertise, and pedigree that went into breeding and developing these world-class horses. Scott’s horses have won 17 APHA World titles, 6 APHA Reserve World titles, 2 NSBA World Championships, 1 NSBA Reserve World Championship, a Color BCF Reserve Championship, Congress Championships, Multiple PtHA World and Reserve World Championships, and Multiple NSBA Futurity Championships.

Erin and Scott have worked horses their whole lives. Erin was raised on the Bradshaw ranch in Westlake, Texas, which has produced World Champion Halter horses for 25 years. “I was in the barn every day,” she recalls. “After school, I’d finish my homework and go down to my horses. It has always been important to me.” Scott and Nick learned to ride horses from their uncle, Jim Wilson, who opened his farm to them in Iowa. The brothers started riding at ten, competing in saddle club and open shows. We didn’t know anything about shows, but my brother and I loved horses. Scott says we adored them. “I’m grateful to Uncle Jimmy for that opportunity.”

After that, Scott apprenticed under recognized trainers Jeff Cochran, Rusty Green, and Jay Starnes. He was visiting Jay Starnes a year into college, studying biology to follow in the family pharmacy line, when he was asked if he had considered horse training. Scott’s life changed after that conversation. He quit college and started training horses with Jay in South Carolina. After moving to Texas, he worked for Rusty Green for over three more years, earning many titles. Quote: “It’s funny how things magnify, from a kid riding trail horses to where I’m at today, all from the love of horses.”

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