Sam Urick And Lisa Urick Patterson Murder, Waco Texas, Investigation Underway

Sam Urick And Lisa Urick Patterson Murder, Death – The details of Lisa Urick Patterson’s death and obituary are explored in this article. Gary, a draftsman from Texas and the sole parent of Crystal, 6, was looking for employment in May 1997. Their future might be more secure if they had a job supervising a new construction in El Paso.

He received assistance in selecting an attire for his interview from his fiancée, Michelle Wilson. They decided on wearing cowboy boots, a white shirt, and black jeans. He never came back after leaving for the interview. We will look into the obituary of Lisa Urick Patterson in more detail. Wilson and Patterson’s parents were in charge of Crystal, but they hadn’t heard from him. The Patterson family reported him missing out of concern.

It caused concern that the job location was near Juarez, Mexico, which is infamous for corruption and violence, while Patterson had claimed that it was east of El Paso in the Chihuahuan Desert. Waco Police Department Detective Steve January was concerned about a number of scenarios, including robbery or violence. Later, investigators learned that Patterson had in fact boarded a plane from Waco to El Paso.

The track, though, was dead. With assistance from the Mexican consulate, his family searched jails and prisons close to the Mexican border. Custody difficulties from Patterson’s divorce in 1992 were discovered after further inquiry. In 1994, his ex-wife Lisa Urick Patterson kidnapped their child. When questioned by the authorities, she provided a solid alibi, and the investigation ruled her out as a suspect.

After the terrible incident’s site was identified, Gary Patterson’s remains were eventually found and verified by dental records. Patterson had sand in his lungs and nasal passages, the medical examiner found, and he had been injured by a blunt object. He’d been entombed alive.

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