Ronald Grady Obituary, CEO and founder of Ron’s Homestyle Foods Has Died

Ronald Grady Obituary, Death – Ronald Grady Woodall, a visionary leader and the founder and CEO of Ron’s Homestyle Foods & Texas Kitchen Salads, peacefully transitioned from this world on September 5, 2023, at the remarkable age of 96. His passing, just weeks after his 96th birthday on August 16th, was a poignant moment shared with loved ones and colleagues at his Houston office, where he tirelessly continued to lead and inspire until the very end.

Ron Woodall was an exceptional figure, whose contributions to the culinary industry left an indelible mark. His journey began with a deep-rooted passion for food, and he turned that passion into an empire. Ron’s Homestyle Foods & Texas Kitchen Salads became synonymous with quality, authenticity, and innovation under his visionary leadership.

As a leader, Ron was characterized by his unwavering commitment to excellence and his dedication to his craft. He exemplified the values of hard work, integrity, and perseverance. His remarkable work ethic and hands-on approach served as an inspiration to his colleagues and associates.

Beyond his business acumen, Ron was a devoted family man who cherished every moment spent with his loved ones. His kindness, generosity, and unwavering support endeared him to all who had the privilege of knowing him personally and professionally.

Ron Woodall’s legacy extends far beyond the realm of business. He leaves behind a legacy of innovation, leadership, and a commitment to quality that will continue to shape the industry for generations to come. His memory will forever inspire those who had the privilege of working alongside him.

In honor of his memory and to celebrate his remarkable life, a memorial service will be held on September 12, 2023, at the Houston Convention Center at 11:00 a.m. Family, friends, and colleagues are invited to join in paying their respects and celebrating the life of this extraordinary individual.

As we mourn the loss of Ron Woodall, let us also celebrate the incredible journey he embarked on and the legacy he leaves behind. His indomitable spirit, passion, and dedication to excellence will remain an enduring source of inspiration for us all. May he rest in eternal peace.

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