Ranae Tennimon Obituary, Friends And Family Mourns Ranae Tennimon

Ranae Tennimon Obituary, Death – Ranae Nugent Tennimon died away, and it is with a heavy heart that I had to break the news to you. She was referred to by all of us as Sissy. Even though my eyes are watering and my heart is breaking, I am confident that she is in heaven since she was brought up by godly parents and she put her faith in Christ.

When we were children, my twin sister and I spent our time either at her house or at ours, alternating between the two. Due to the brevity of life, I only recently ran into her at a store around eight months ago. Her parents were such an important factor in our life as we were growing up, and she was such an important factor in our coming to know Christ. She was one of the kindest and most pleasant women you could ever hope to come across. I can very vividly recall accompanying her to the TEXAS Eastman picnics.

Daddy would always go and pick her up and then tell her that they were going to take her with them. She is a member of our group. At bingo, Ranae was a consistent winner, but I was never one. When we were in kindergarten together at Peggy Ann, we were in a play that was published in the local paper, and the local television station wanted to take images of the twins.

They took photographs of both my sister and me. I suppose they mistook us for twins because of how similar our appearances were, and we might have done so, but it would be a fantastic thing if I could grow up to be half the person that she is. I will think of you often, but I know that we will cross paths once more. I will never stop loving you. NO, SISSY.

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