Patsy Major Obituary, A Cherished Soul has Died

Patsy Major Obituary, Death – On Tuesday night, September 12, 2023, at 10:30 pm, we sadly announce the passing of Patsy Major. Patsy’s journey on this Earth has come to a close, but her love and spirit endure in our hearts.

Patsy’s love story with her husband, Jim Major, was unbreakable and enduring. While they may be physically separated for a time, their love remains unbroken. It is a testament to the depth of their connection, and their bond will continue to shine brightly, even in her absence.

The decision to call Patsy to her heavenly home was made by a higher power, and in His wisdom, she is now better suited to serve His will from above. Her spirit and love will remain with us, stronger than ever, if we open our hearts to feel and accept it.

Patsy’s passing has left her husband, Jim, and her family with feelings of sadness and loneliness that will linger. However, the memories of her strength and love will provide solace during these difficult moments. She comforted her family even in her final hours, assuring them she was pain-free and at peace.

Patsy’s humor and love for her furry companion, Chester, were evident in her final moments, reminding us of her enduring spirit. Her love for her family and her sense of humor will forever be cherished.

As we come to terms with Patsy’s departure, let us keep her family – Rodney, Mika (Laura), Jim, and Chester – in our thoughts and prayers. They will need strength and support as they navigate this challenging period of loss.

Service announcements and plans will be shared on social media, allowing friends and loved ones to come together to celebrate Patsy’s life and honor her memory. While she may no longer be with us in person, her legacy of love and resilience will forever shine brightly in our hearts.

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