Nick Bucell Obituary, Ohio US, Police Official Dies In Deadly Car Crash

Nick Bucell Obituary, Death – Um. I’m not even sure where to begin when trying to describe this. Despite the fact that I have probably already thought of a million different ways to describe you, no amount of words could ever do you justice. You are the best older brother I could have hoped for. You were my hero, although I can’t recall if I ever told you that or not. Someone I looked up to and tried to emulate in some way.

a loving father, brother, and son who is dedicated to his family. You’ve supported me in a variety of ways, and those encounters have shaped the person I am today. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me, and I will never be able to. It is with tremendous difficulty that I make myself share this because I do not, and will never, feel it to be authentic. I simply keep hoping that everything will return to normal and that everything is just a nightmare from which I will one day awaken.

Nothing will ever revert to the way things were before. There won’t be any “business as usual.” Your parents are both missing you. Your family members are anxious to see you. I constantly think of you. I have the greatest love for you. I have no doubt that you will keep an eye on us. Sleep soundly, big brother. I love you, my dear.

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