Ned Britt Obituary, Death, Family and friends mourns

Ned Britt Obituary, Death – Tonight, something happened that left me with a heavy heart and a deep sense of sorrow. It’s a moment that has stirred a whirlwind of emotions within me, a mixture of profound sadness and intense frustration. A dear friend of mine, Ned Britt, has passed away, and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the fact that I didn’t even know about it.

Ned Britt was not just an ordinary friend; he was an incredible guitar player and, at one point in my life, a very close companion and business associate. I remember him as the guy who always had 50 cassette tapes in his land sub at all times, ready to introduce me to the mesmerizing world of Pittsburgh musicians. Those were the days of happenstance, a time when life threw unexpected encounters our way.

My journey with Ned involved music long before we ventured into the world of floorcoverings together. It’s a familiar story for some, those shared passions and interests that forge connections. But today, as I reminisce about our shared history, I can’t help but lament how I lost touch with Ned not long after his stroke. Every now and then, I would reach out to Ned on Facebook, hoping to rekindle our connection, but the responses were sparse and fleeting.

I had sensed that this day might come, but I never forgot Ned. Even though I no longer reside in Pittsburgh, I couldn’t erase the memories of our time together. But, Ned, it seems the same cannot be said for everyone. The Parkway Tavern no longer bears our names on the stools, and it’s a stark reminder that life moves on, sometimes leaving cherished memories behind. As I bid farewell to my dear friend, Ned Britt, I do so with a heavy heart and a deep sense of loss. Rest in peace, my brother. Your music and friendship will forever resonate within my soul, and the memories we created together will remain etched in my heart.

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