Nancy Fisher Obituary, A cherished soul has passed away

Nancy Fisher Obituary, Death – I must convey the sad news of Nancy Bolmeier Fisher’s unexpected demise with a saddened heart. Nancy was The Origin Project’s driving force and inspiration. Her expertise and vision served as the foundation for our purpose as co-founder and Executive Director. To assist 2,700 students in kindergarten through grade 12, we developed an in-school.

year-round writing program for students and teachers in Appalachia that started ten years ago and expanded across the state of Virginia. We invited famous authors to speak with the pupils and encourage their own writing. This resulted in the publication of our children’s origin stories in an annual anthology. In order to encourage instructors to contribute their own stories to the anthology, we created seminars for them.

A mastery of writing and a commitment to the craft, in Nancy’s opinion, may transform the world one tale at a time. Writing is the foundation of all endeavors. The individual loss is significant. Nancy was a devoted mother to Ryan and a devoted wife to Ian. For BethAnn, her son, and her granddaughters Piper and Paige, she was a cherished sister. You enjoyed the warmth of Nancy’s support and encouragement when she truly loved you.

Nancy trusted and adored Rhonda Carper and Linda Woodward. Rhonda is our teacher liaison and event coordinator, and Linda is the project’s “boots on the ground” driving force in Appalachia. Please remember them in your prayers as they were the ideal leadership team for the Origin Project, together with Nancy at the helm.
Pray for her soul, Ian, Ryan, BethAnn, and their families, as well as for them. I join you in your supplications and your sorrow over the loss of this magnificent woman who improved the world.

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