Mittie Edmonds Obituary, SCFG’s Volunteer Coordinator Has Passed Away

Mittie Edmonds Obituary, Death – Mrs. Mittie Edmonds devoted a substantial amount of her time and energy to the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia (SCFG) during the entirety of her professional career. She spent the most of her career working as the volunteer coordinator for the organization, and she did so throughout her entire career.

She was not only an employee of the firm, but she was also a well-established component of the community that the company was actively engaged in helping. Her involvement in the community was one of the reasons why the corporation was so interested in her. The organization participated in a wide variety of activities that benefited the local community.

Her long history of involvement in the community extends back to even before she started working for the corporation. At this point in her life, Mrs. Edmonds is in the process of beginning what she refers to as her “second” retirement, which she is currently in the middle of beginning. Because of this change in Mrs. She formerly held positions at the Department of Children and Families in Philadelphia as well as the Pennsylvania Council on Aging.

Which are both organizations that provide assistance to older individuals throughout the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to that, she was an employee of the Pennsylvania Council on Aging at one point in her life. We owe Mary a debt of appreciation for the many years of hard labor that she has provided for this organization, and we wish her the very best of luck in her retirement. Mary has been very dedicated to the job that she has done for this organization.




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