Mike Hebert Obituary, House In The Woods Heroes Golf Tournament Volunteer Guide Has Died

Mike Hebert Obituary, Death – It is with profound sorrow that we hereby communicate the demise of our esteemed acquaintance and dedicated volunteer guide, Mr. Mike Hebert. He gently departed on September 12, in the presence of his immediate family. The members of the House in the Woods community express their deep appreciation for Mike’s companionship and his unwavering commitment to supporting our military heroes via acts of philanthropy. The individual in question exhibited qualities of a reserved leader, demonstrating a profound commitment to serving others via acts of compassion, generosity, and joy.

The individual shown a profound affinity for nature, as evidenced by his adeptness in outdoor environments and his companionship with his canine companion. Furthermore, he exhibited a strong commitment to guiding veterans on retreats and imparting his fervor for discovering solace and restoration via engagement with the natural world. In commemoration of his legacy, we have decided to designate this year’s avian sanctuary for veterans as the “Mike Hebert Memorial Veteran Bird Retreat.” During the collective journey through the forest, participants will engage in storytelling and seek solace, paying tribute to Mike and acknowledging his enduring presence via his spirit and vitality.
In the month of November, the 2024 House in the Woods Calendar showcases Mike, who is prominently featured beside one of our esteemed Bird Hunting Veterans. The Executive Director, Paul House, expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to interact with Mike at the avian hunting retreat. Mike consistently dedicated a portion of his life to providing assistance to the individuals, both male and female, who have valiantly served and made sacrifices on behalf of our nation. thereby, he and a group of volunteer guides dedicated their time to participate in our annual Veteran Bird Retreat, thereby ensuring a highly enjoyable experience.

Regardless of the presence or absence of avian creatures, Mike and the other guides consistently fostered a positive atmosphere and ensured that all individuals experienced enjoyment. He exhibited strong support for both the veteran bird hunt and our annual golf tournament, actively participating in the activities and contributing to the enjoyment of the events. We will experience his absence during the upcoming bird hunt and in subsequent years; but, we will commemorate and pay tribute to him by progressing and persisting in our philanthropic endeavors, in alignment with his values and principles.

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