Melanie Jansen Obituary, Murder-Suicide Victim Identified

Melanie Jansen Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, authorities from Crow Wing County, Minnesota, disclosed new information on the three people whose bodies were discovered shot to death at a resort in Breezy Point, Minnesota. The officials stated that the incident looks to be the result of a murder-suicide. Melanie Jansen, who was 54 years old and from Maple Grove, and Hannah Parmenter, who was 29 and from Elk River, were named as the victims by the attorney’s office on Thursday. Michael Toner, 59 years old, was identified as the suspect shooter. Michael Toner is also from Maple Grove.

The office of the county attorney issued a news release stating that authorities were dispatched to the Whitebirch facility on the evening of September 5 after a 911 caller reported peeking through the window of one of the facility’s rental units and seeing two persons bleeding on the floor. The caller stated that they saw the victims while staying at the resort. According to the statement released by the attorney’s office, the officer who responded to the call arrived at the apartment at approximately 8:45 p.m. and reported looking through a window and seeing persons lying on the floor inside the home.

According to the statement, the officer tried to enter the apartment but found that it was locked. As a result, he shattered a window that was located next to the front door so that he could reach inside and access the lock on the door. This allowed him to enter the unit. When the officer entered the apartment, he reported finding three people dead inside, all of whom appeared to have been shot. The initial officer to arrive on the site briefed the subsequent officer, who was a sergeant with the police department, about the incident shortly after the sergeant’s arrival.

According to the press release, the officer who responded to the 911 call identified the caller as the son of Jansen and the brother of Permenter. The caller told dispatch that he had gone to the facility to visit his family members but was unable to communicate with them when he arrived. According to his statement to the police, at that point he peeked out the window and observed a man and lady lying on the ground with blood around them. Both Jansen and Parmenter were found to have suffered many gunshot wounds before their deaths, which caused the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office to declare that both of their deaths were the result of homicidal acts.

Toner had a single gunshot wound to the head, according to the findings of the autopsy that was performed on his body. It was determined that he had killed himself. According to the allegations made by the authorities, Jansen and Toner were carrying on a romantic relationship at the time of their respective deaths. The investigation into the incident is still open and ongoing, according to the officials of Crow Wing County, but there is no longer any danger to the general public.




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