Matthew L, Reigel Obituary, Minnesota Highway 169 Collision Kills 1 & 2 Injured

Matthew L, Reigel Obituary, Death – On Sunday, a person was reportedly killed when a car turned in front of an incoming truck that was towing a camper. The truck was traveling in the other direction. The vehicle was following closely behind the car and getting closer. After the collision, there were two passengers who were injured, and one of them was a youngster. Both of their injuries were considered to be potentially fatal.

According to the data kept by the Minnesota State Patrol, the event took place at around 7:50 p.m. on Highway 169 at County Road 7 in the general vicinity of Taconite, which is situated in Itasca County. Matthew L. Reigel, 35, of Bigfork, was apparently driving a 2006 Honda Civic in the direction of northbound traffic on County Road 7 when he made an effort to turn north onto Highway 169. The incident is said to have occurred as he tried to make the turn.

This data was extracted from the report that was filed following the collision. Accidentally happening at the same moment, a Chevrolet Silverado that was pulling a camper on a fifth-wheel collided with a Honda, inflicting damage to the driver side of the Honda. The collision left Reigel with fatal injuries, while two other people in the Honda, a kid aged 7 and a woman aged 32, both from Deer River, received injuries that were assessed to be life-threatening and were sent to a hospital as a consequence of the event.

Reigel was the only person in the Honda who died as a result of their injuries. Only Reigel was killed in the incident; no one else passed away. At this point in time, we do not have any information on the circumstances that surround them. There were no reported injuries, not even to the individual who was operating the Chevrolet Silverado at the time of the collision.


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