Matthew Davidson Obituary, Nashville Tennessee, Family Mourns

Matthew Davidson Obituary – Eugene and Eleanor (Kevan) Davidson welcomed Matthew Kevan Davidson into the world on July 14th, 1970 in Staunton, Virginia. His youngest brother Luke, brother Mark, and Mark’s spouse and kids all survived him. His mother and father both died before him. He was the oldest of the three sons, Mark and Luke being the next two boys to be born to Eugene and Eleanor.

Eugene’s wish to give the boys names from the four biblical Gospels came true in almost all cases. Irene and Frances, the two older sisters of Eugene’s three kids, were raised by their grandparents in Texas. They had a close bond with their sisters despite living much of their lives apart from them. Mark and Matthew used to live with Irene, and Matthew afterwards moved in with Frances.

The children were growing up, and the family was relocating frequently. They settled in Oklahoma, the state where Mark was born. Then, after moving to Arizona, they moved again in 1982, the year Luke was born. Before Luke was adopted by another family in California, the Davidsons briefly lived in the Austin, Texas, area with Irene. They then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where Matthew and Mark were raised. While residing in Nashville, where he frequently attended churches with a Baptist tradition,

Matthew had a steadfast Christian faith. Mark traveled across the country to marry his wife Diana, who was born and reared in Rigby, as well as Matthew not long after. Matthew has since settled in Rexburg as his home. It happened in 2007.

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