Lincoln Sutton Obituary, A Cherished Soul Has Passed Away

Lincoln Sutton Obituary, Death – On Sunday morning (10/09/2023), early in the morning, our youngest son, Lincoln, passed away while sleeping peacefully in his sleep. We wanted to let you all know about this. We are sharing this information with you all despite the fact that our hearts are heavy, crushed, and aching with emptiness. A young man who has to overcome a lot of challenges and who had many hopes and dreams for the future, including the possibility of living a much longer and more satisfying life, was taken totally by surprise when he learned this information.
His passing came far too soon in the grand scheme of things. He didn’t say too much, but for how few words he did speak, his voice carried an astonishing amount of volume. He was never shy about speaking his ideas and gave a pleasant attitude to the surroundings at all times.
He should serve as an example for all of us to strive to be like. He was able to make people laugh at any given moment and brought joy to everyone who was fortunate enough to be in his company. Everyone will grievously miss him, and for the rest of our lives, he will continue to live on in our thoughts and in our souls even though he is no longer physically here.
Your presence in our lives serves as a tremendous source of inspiration and pride, and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to raise you.
I hope you find peace and quiet soon, Abraham Lincoln, Brian Thompson Sutton is the man behind the writing. 21/11/2012-10/09/2023
We promise that our love for you will never end. Beginning at twelve o’clock in the afternoon on Monday, September 25th, 2023, the funeral for Abraham Lincoln will take place in the North Chapel of Forest Lawn Memorial Park, which can be found at Camden Valley Way, Leppington. The memorial ceremony will be held at that location, and guests including family and friends are encouraged to join. I would like to request that you dress in bright colors in remembrance of the celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s life.

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