Larry Marino Obituary, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, Family Mourns

Larry Marino Obituary, Death – On Sunday, October 23, 2005, Larry L. Marino, Sr., age 49, died away peacefully at his home. He was the son of Dorothy Wismer Marino of Phillipsburg, who passed away, and the late Peter Marino, Sr., who was born on December 7, 1955. His birthplace was Phillipsburg. A personal note: On August 7, 2005, he and his wife, who is currently known as the former Joan Sciabica, celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary.

On September 4, 1979, Larry started his career in law enforcement by joining the Phillipsburg Police Department as a patrolman. He was first promoted to the rank of Sergeant on June 10, 1989, and then to the rank of Detective Sergeant not long after that. He was first promoted to the position of Lieutenant in February 1999, and then to the position of Detective Lieutenant in December of 2003.

In January of 2004, he was raised to the rank of Captain, and in June of 2005, he was advanced to the rank of Chief of Police. He graduated from Phillipsburg High School in 1974 and then went on to complete his training at the New Jersey State Police Academy. Between the years of 1994 and 2003, Larry coached the midget football teams for P.A.L., Firthtown, and Steel Hill, in addition to Alpha.

In addition, he coached softball and wrestling in the Alpha program. He led Steel Hill in 1993 and Alpha through a season in which they were undefeated up until the final game in 2000, when they were defeated. It was a source of great pride for Larry that his son, Daniel, led the Alpha Colts to victory in the championship game while he was the team’s quarterback.

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