Knowledge Schuster Obituary, Baby Killed In North Las Vegas Hit-and-run Crash Identified

Knowledge Schuster Obituary, Death – The child who was killed in a hit-and-run accident in North Las Vegas has been identified by the coroner, as the Nevada State Police continue their search for the person responsible and the vehicle. The infant who passed away was named Knowledge Schuster, and she was one year old. Wednesday evening.

Her father, Tray Schuster, had a telephone conversation with Cristen Drummond from News 3. “We simply gave up hope,” Schuster explained. We were unable to locate our vehicle. We have been bereft of our daughter. We suffered greater losses than anyone could ever have imagined. According to Schuster, his wife was behind the wheel of their vehicle on Cheyenne Avenue over Interstate 15 on Tuesday afternoon when the driver of a silver SUV blew a red light while making a left into the freeway and hit their vehicle.

According to Schuster, the nearly 14-month-old child was restrained in a car seat when she made a sound like she was about to throw up soon after the accident, and blood began to come out of her mouth.”We hurriedly made our way to the back,” Schuster explained. “My wife was holding her in her hands at the time.” After the collision, he added that surrounding emergency medical personnel attempted to assist Knowledge.

She was rushed to UMC, and according to the Clark County Coroner’s Office, that is where she passed away. According to Schuster, the couple was instructed by the physicians that the hit caused Knowledge to have a cardiac attack because the shackles they were using on her chest were too tight.Dialing *647 will put you in touch with the appropriate authorities if you have any information or video footage related to the collision.

According to what they are telling to us, it appeared as though she had received whiplash or something similar, as Schuster explained. In addition to that, he mentioned that they were told the car seat that Knowledge used was going to be a little too tiny for the infant. The grief that Schuster and his wife have felt since the unexpected death of their child persists.

On various social media platforms, members of the bereaved family, friends, and community are expressing their condolences. The Nevada State Police are continuing their investigation and are requesting the public’s assistance in locating the silver car involved in the collision. According to the state police, it had damage to the right side, and it was last seen heading east on Cheyenne from the overpass of Interstate 15.

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