Kent Frisbie Obituary, Woodstock Illinois, In Loving Memory Of Kent Frisbie

Kent Frisbie Obituary, Death – Russell P. Frisbie, who resided on Halls Lane, passed away. Edna P. Frisbie was his wife, and he was her husband. The 8th of June, 1916 found Mr. Frisbie being brought into the world in Danbury as the son of Lyman and Marion (Williams) Frisbie.

He went to Danbury High School after attending The Obtuse School while residing in Old Brookfield with his grandparents. He ultimately received his diploma from Danbury High School. Russell spent his life working as a stone and brick mason in the communities of Brookfield, Roxbury, and Kent.

He was known for his craftsmanship. He was an avid sportsman who particularly relished the opportunities to go hunting and fishing. In 1942, Russell signed up to serve in the United States Navy. He served in the military as a first-class aircraft fire control man (bombardier) and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, and the Gold Star in lieu of honors for the missions that he flew.

He operated his aircraft in the regions surrounding the South China Sea from forward bases located in the Mariana Islands and the Philippine Islands, specifically on the islands of Leyte, Mindoro, and Luzon. His patrol bomber squadron 117 was one of the first three long-range search squadrons to fly without an accompanying ground crew. In 1945, he was given a discharge that was honorable.

At the Kent Town Hall on June 30, 2008, Russell was presented with the Public Service Award, which is presented to World War II veterans in recognition of their patriotism and the sacrifices they have made. Susan Byciewicz, the Secretary of State of Connecticut, was the one to bestow upon him this honor.

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