Kenny Trentham Obituary, Parrottsville Volunteer Fire Department Mourns Death Of Kenny Trentham

Kenny Trentham Obituary, Death – We’ve attempted to compose this post for several days, but it’s been incredibly difficult. We must bid farewell with broken hearts to our friend, fellow firefighter, community member, and chief Kenny Trentham. We, along with our community, are devastated by Kenny’s death on Thursday as a result of a vehicle accident.

Kenny’s devotion for his community was evident! During his 37 years as a school bus driver for Cocke County Schools, he cared for innumerable children. During the summer, he also transported children to and from Dollywood so they could work. Kenny sacrificed his summers and weekends to transport children to and from employment, whereas few adults would do so.

Kenny also served as the superintendent of the Parrottsville Volunteer Fire Department for 15 years. If you’re like us in the fire service, you know that being a chief is permanent. The Tanker 1 that we still possess was acquired under his direction. Kenny was a competent leader who cared for his members and enjoyed assisting others and serving the community.

In addition, Kenny and his family ran the Trentham Supermarket in Parrottsville for decades. Prior to having a radio system, the Parrottsville VFD received 911 calls at this location. When they received the summons, they would assemble their members to respond. Another illustration of his devotion and affection for this community.
Kenny’s passing is a devastating loss for everyone in Parrottsville and the adjacent communities.

Kenny will be mourned tremendously!! On Saturday evening, after Kenny’s funeral, several of our members were strolling to the fire engines when they heard the alarm for a structure fire. We cannot conceive of a more appropriate way to conclude Kenny’s funeral than with a fire alarm.

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