Karen Woods Obituary, Mississippi Animal Long Time Rescuer Has Died

Karen Woods Obituary, Death – A recent development, which we felt compelled to bring to everyone’s attention, is quite distressing. Yesterday marked the day when Karen Woods left this world. Over a considerable amount of time, she was a wonderful companion, co-worker, and rescuer of a variety of animals. Our entire crew is unable to find any comfort in the situation. She is going to be greatly missed by all of us!
When an Animal Rescuer goes away, not only do you suffer the loss of a friend who understands and shares your compassion and love for animals, but the animals themselves suffer the loss of one of their voices. When an Animal Rescuer passes away, you suffer the loss of a friend who knows and shares your compassion and love for animals.

Following Karen Woods’s passing, each of us now has a gaping hole in our hearts where she once resided. It was very obvious that she had a deep love for animals, which was demonstrated by the fact that she fostered a significant number of animals at MARL and successfully placed them in new homes for them. During her time spent working with MARL and other animal welfare organizations, Karen Woods was an incredible champion for both the animals and the cause. On behalf of the whole MARL staff, we would like to send our condolences and prayers to her family, and we hope that everyone would join us in doing so.

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