Jose Azcarraga Obituary, In loving Memory Of Jose Azcarraga

Jose Azcarraga Obituary, Death – Jose Noble Azcarraga, affectionately known as Lolo Pepito, bid his final farewell on Sunday, September 3, 2023, at the age of 99. While reminiscing about the moments shared with him, it becomes apparent that his life, though seemingly unremarkable, was a testament to the virtues of simplicity, consistency, and integrity.

Lolo Pepito exuded an aura of tranquility and dependability, a man of few words who adhered diligently to his routines. His deliberate efforts to maintain an unassuming life concealed the richness of his experiences and wisdom. As I reflect on our time together, my memories trace back to my childhood. I recall the exhilaration of riding on his motorcycle as he chauffeured me from our house to his, a mere two kilometers away.

Those days were filled with play, exploration of his array of tools, and sifting through the treasures he had accumulated over the years. In addition to these moments, Lolo Pepito played an instrumental role in my education. He patiently assisted with various school projects that required basic carpentry and electrical skills, imparting valuable knowledge that extended far beyond the classroom.

Yet, one of the most cherished recollections is the art of making tablea, a tradition we upheld together. He had ingeniously crafted a milling contraption for this purpose. Although I attempted to learn the process in his later years, the details often eluded me, leaving me with only photographs as mementos of our shared moments.

The bittersweet reality of Lolo Pepito’s passing is that he has been reunited with his beloved Lola Ming, who had departed 25 years earlier. Their love story serves as a poignant reminder of enduring devotion. As we grieve his loss, we find solace in the belief that they are looking upon us from a better place, proud of the legacy they have left behind.


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