Joleen Philbeck Obituary, A Precious Soul Has Passed Away

Joleen Philbeck Obituary, Death – In the final installment of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle, C.S. Lewis depicts a beautiful picture of paradise. Beginning with a near-collision between two trains, the children are propelled into Narnia. (As you know, Narnia represented paradise.) However, when their voyage concludes, the children fear being sent back to earth. After experiencing the joys and marvels of Narnia and the presence of Aslan, the Lion who represents Jesus Christ, the children could not endure the thought of returning to earth.

However, Aslan then shares with them some encouraging news. C.S. Lewis writes, “Aslan tells the children, “There was an actual train wreck, and you did perish…The dream is over; it is morning now. As Aslan spoke, He ceased to resemble a lion to them; however, the subsequent events were so vast and magnificent that I cannot record them. For us, this concludes all the tales, and we can confidently say that everyone lived happily ever after. However, this was only the beginning of the true tale for them.

Their entire existence in this world and in Narnia consisted only of the book’s cover and title page. Now, at last, they were commencing the first chapter of the Great Story, which no one on earth had ever read; which continues eternally; and in which each chapter is better than the last.” Today, Joleen Philbeck began writing her Great Story. She is extremely cherished and surrounded by her family. According to our beliefs, today is a wonderful day for her…Today, tomorrow, and the day after will be difficult for us, but “we do not grieve like hopeless people.” We will look forward to the day when we will enter her and our Great Story.

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