John Fletcher Obituary, In Loving Memory Of John Fletcher

John Fletcher Obituary, Death – The news that our dearly loved father, John Fletcher, passed away at the Stubby Leas Nursing Home with members of his family by his side has left my family in a state of disbelief and grief. At the nursing home where he was staying, he died peacefully while sleeping.

This is an announcement that is difficult for us to make, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. As a consequence of the news, all of us have been left with the sense that our hearts have been broken into a thousand pieces. He was a loving husband to Pauline Fletcher, who passed away at a later time, and a loving father to his children, Steph, Joan, Jackie, and Chris.

Pauline Fletcher also went away at a later period. Pauline had already passed away before to his passing. In addition to this, he was the grandfather of ten people and the great grandfather of ten people, which is the same number of people as the grandkids he had of his own. He was someone who was treasured by a large number of people.

The affection that these people have for him will never fade away because of the way he lived his life. He is free from his suffering and has been resurrected to be with our cherished mother. He has attained his goal of tranquility. His anguish and pain are now over. Dad, may your soul rest in peace



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