Joe Parra Obituary, Death, A Loving Farewell to Joe Parra

Joe Parra Obituary, Death – Man, myth, legend. Joe Parra, 62, died September 4, 2023. The Man. Sharp-dressed Hector Parra and smart Darlene had Joe in spring 1961 in Sheboygan. His courageous siblings Raquel, Lee, Chuck, and Curt. Joe recounted family feasts about his daring foot-hang escapes. Joe freelanced as a Sheboygan Press paperboy and IHOP short-order cook.

He excitedly joined the Marines in 1979. Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville was his base. Joe naturally led Lance Corporal. Master rifle teacher in Okinawa for a year. Small-time loan shark Entrepreneur Joe. I enjoyed his Japan and family vacation. 1982 honorable discharge. Joe’s 8-month-old daughter Jennifer welcomed him to America. Joe, kind dad. He worked hard at Richardson Lumber to support his small family. Father gave Jenny anything she wanted—even “Ugs.” She was not short or ugly.

Not everything was known to Joe. He sometimes claimed blindly. Or, he “knew a guy.” Joseph learned maintenance from his father, who could fix anything. Time and money were needed for his boat. He loves sailing and group getaways. Computing was Joe’s pastime and career. Multi-class self-teaching. Holy Conception Catholic Church named him Facility Maintenance Manager. Christ Child Academy’s first computer lab was his. School and church tech coordinator.

Joe spent his last 30 years at Immaculate Conception, Christ Child, and Southside Tri-Parish. Meets life partner Jodi Parra. Jodi, the boat’s first mate and UTV rider, became his best friend. She meant everything to him. She impressed him with her intelligence and love for his daughter, parents, and relatives. In 2011, Joe married Jodi in Mexico. Joe adored stepfathering Terra Armstrong. Be compassionate and strong like Jodi’s family. Joe’s fame persists. Joe would say “Howdy,” smile, shake hands, and make terrible jokes. He loved all. Unmatched sonly devotion for parents. Steve and Jodi hosted weekly family lunches where their kids and grandkids laughed, cooked, and felt loved for years. He looked after his parents 24/7. The best son.






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