Jim Ulmer Obituary, Family And Friends Mourns

Jim Ulmer Obituary, Death – At the age of 82, Jim Ulmer, who had been a resident of Grande Prairie, Alberta throughout his life, passed away at the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital on the day of Friday, September 8, 2023. Jim was born in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1941, and his birthday is January 7th. Jim’s year of birth is 1941.

He purchased a homestead in the Huallen District and made that his permanent residence. Jim was the only child that his parents ever had, and all three of them worked together to raise him. He started his formal schooling at the Beaverlodge Lower School and worked with his family on the farm during the first two years of his academic career.

Jim started working for Signature Support in 1977, and finally he got a permanent position at Swan Industry Woodshop, where he remained for a number of years. In 1977, Jim started working for Signature Support. Jim was a nice guy who was also very funny. He was always up for a good time. He treasured the time he got to spend with the other guys, and he had a special soft spot in his heart for sausages and burgers.

In addition to that, he had a penchant for collecting a broad range of products, such as jackets, caps, Zippos, and gift cards, among other things. His cousins Josie VanEslader and Marie Deering, in addition to Florence Leckner, and a large number of other friends and family members in the Signature family will be profoundly saddened by Jim’s passing. Before Jim Ulmer was born, both of his parents, Walter and Elsie Ulmer, had already passed away.


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