Jianna Pischetola Obituary, Staten Island Musician, 22, Killed In SIE Crash

Jianna Pischetola Obituary, Death – In the days after 22-year-old Jianna-Lucia Pischetola’s death in a Staten Island Expressway crash Sunday, St. Lucia, the Catholic patron saint of the blind, watches over her family on a Midland Beach lawn. The Pischetola family said “JiJi,” the youngest child, arrived 10 years after her closest sibling, Diandra, to complete their family. “We called her our ‘dessert baby,’” added her older sister. “She was the cherry on top, because we had chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.” “We saved the best for last,” remarked Mom Jacqueline Pischetola. Jianna was a powerhouse.”

JiJi was a St. Lucia gift to the Pischetolas. Due to their piercing blue eyes, Pischetola’s father, Peter, named her Lucia after the saint. “All my kids have brown eyes, my wife has blue eyes, and I have brown eyes,” stated Peter Pischetola. After a horrible eye mishap as a child, his mother’s prayers to St. Lucy restored his vision, he stated. Since then, “Lucia” has symbolized brightness, hope, and endurance for the father of four. Despite being the youngest, JiJi Pischetola ran the house, much to her family’s delight. Between tears, her sister remarked, “She was the leader, we listened to her.” “She was strong and believed in God so much.”

Family stated JiJi Pischetola gently blessed her loved ones and reminded them they could do anything with prayer and God. They stated she took a risk to become an entrepreneur, rapper, and fashion model, following her own counsel. “She was smart as a whip—there was nothing she couldn’t do,” claimed Pischetola’s mother. JiJi Pischetola published her debut single, “Girls Will Be Girls,” on all major music streaming platforms under the moniker “JiJi.” “She was the best, she really was — she was an artist and she loved her music,” Pischetola’s sister added. “My heart breaks. My soul hurts.”

After graduating from St. John’s Villa Academy in 2019, Pischetola co-founded First Class Help, which helped minorities, low-income earners, and women become more “financially literate,” according to the Staten Island Advance/silive.com archives. Her sister claims Pischetola’s company has earned $1 million for clients since starting. The Pischetola family wrote on GoFundMe: “We will miss the warmth of her radiance and the sun has gone from our skies. Daily without our dear Jianna will feel like a thousand years.” JiJi Pischetola is survived by her father, Peter, mother, Jacqueline, sister, Diandra, sister, Dina-Marie, and brother, Peter Pischetola, Jr.


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