Jesse Meredith Obituary, A precious soul has tragically passed away

Jesse Meredith Obituary, Death – On Thursday night, a Louisiana man was killed after he was struck by a vehicle while crossing the Forman Street bridge. Chief of Police Mike Ward of the Bradford City Police Department stated that Jesse Meredith, 84, who was a guest at the Holiday Inn Express, was declared deceased at the scene. According to Ward.

According to the reports, witnesses at the site stated that the man had already passed away. After arriving at the site, the police discovered that Meredith had been killed by a vehicle and that his body was lying on the roadway. According to Ward, by the time emergency medical services arrived at the site to administer care, Meredith had already passed away as a result of his injuries.

The office of the McKean County Coroner, Mike Cahill, was dispatched to the location. It was determined that blunt force trauma was what ultimately led to Meredith’s passing. Ward stated that the adult male driver of the automobile remained at the site and was cooperative with the inquiry, but he did not identify the driver of the vehicle. Before the accident occurred, the vehicle had just gotten off of U.S. Route 219 at the previous exit. When going west at that time of the evening, drivers face the challenge of dealing with the sinking sun.

When asked about the investigation, Ward stated, “We are looking at all factors, including environmental.” In order to do detailed mapping and photography at the scene, forensic investigators and accident investigators from the Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched there. The investigation is currently active and not closed. When asked about the possibility of criminal charges being brought, Ward responded that “It’s still too early in the investigation” to make that determination. The McKean County District Attorney’s Office, the Bradford City Emergency Medical Services and Fire Department, and the Bradford County Coroner’s Office all provided assistance to the City of Bradford Police Department while they were on the scene.

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