Jennie Powell Obituary, A precious soul has passed away

Jennie Powell Obituary, Death – The Hobbs family is mourning the passing of Jennie Powell, their adored matriarch, in a solemn gathering. This morning, she quietly passed from this world to the next, leaving behind a legacy of love, goodness, and treasured memories that will live on in the hearts of all who had the honor of knowing her. Jennie Powell was a remarkable woman who affected many people’s lives with her warmth, compassion, and unfailing support.

She was more than just a mother. She was a source of courage and inspiration for her children, Dorine Okpara, Mary Posey, Geneary Peoples, Grace Douglass, and Anthony Bernard Twitty. She was more than simply a mother; she was also a friend, a confidante, and a luminary who raised her family with wisdom and love. Jennie’s affection for her grandchildren, nieces, nephews, relatives, and a large group of acquaintances knew no bounds.

Her house was a refuge of welcome and love, where joy and laughter abounded. She had a special talent for making everyone feel loved and appreciated, and in these difficult times, remembering her will always bring solace. The Hobbs family is in need of your support as they deal with this terrible loss and asks for your thoughts and prayers. It is now more important than ever to rely on the support of friends and family. Let’s band together to remember Jennie Powell and comfort her bereaved family members.

Funeral plans will be discussed in more detail at a later time, while the family goes through this trying time. Those who desire to pay their respects and bid this extraordinary woman a final farewell will be informed of updates. Let us keep in mind the love, joy, and light that Jennie Powell contributed to the world while we are in mourning. All those who knew her will always have a glowing memory of her. May her soul rest in peace, and may the families of Hobbs, Twitty, and Powell find comfort in the days to come. my sincere sympathies, The family of Hobbs

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