Jeff Vranic Obituary, Ohio, What Happened To Jeff Vranic

Jeff Vranic Obituary, Death – RANIC JOHN, who also goes by the name IVICA VRANIC, has reached the age of 68 at this point, and he is eagerly awaiting the day when he will finally be able to hang up his work boots and enjoy some well-deserved retirement.

The son of Ivan and Anna, who have both passed away since their son was born; the father of Anna Westmoreland (Jeff); the grandfather of Jeffrey and Jonathan; the stepfather of Micheline (Terry) Hardman and Tony Ban (Sylvia); the brother of Marko (Mira), Steve (Rose), and Neda Haralovic (Ivec) of Croatia; the stepgrandfather; the great-grandfather; and the uncle of Jeffrey and Jonathan.

On the day of the funeral, which will take place on Wednesday, June 25, 2018, the GOLUB FUNERAL HOME will begin receiving guests at 2:00 PM and continue to do so until the end of the service. The visitation will remain open till 9 o’clock at night. You can contact a member of the staff at a funeral home in Cleveland at the following address and phone number: 4703 Superior Avenue and (216) 391-0357.

This is in the event that you think it is necessary to have this conversation with a staff member of the funeral home in Cleveland. On Thursday morning, the start of the worship services will take place at ten o’clock. This time has been decided upon. Thursday is the day of the week that we are currently in right now.

While working in the parlor, you are expected to perform the responsibilities of an attendant. Grandview Memorial Park in Ravenna, Ohio, which had been utilized for the actual funeral service itself, became the new resting place for the deceased individual’s remains once the burial service had completed there. The park is located in Ravenna.




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