Jason Hoerauf Obituary, Albany Police Department Remembers The Death Of Esteemed Dead Officers

Jason Hoerauf Obituary,  Death – It has been 22 years since we were asked to give our final farewells to Senior Trooper Maria Mignano of the Oregon State Police and Officer Jason Hoerauf of the Albany Police Department. Both of them had passed away. The day we are celebrating marks the passing of that amount of time, and today is that day. On Interstate 5, close to mile marker 243, they were assisting a family when they were hit by a car and murdered.

They had been helping the family while they were on the highway. Unfortunately for the family, the van that they were driving in had broken down. Officer Hoerauf and his mentor, Sergeant John Burright, who passed away in 2021 due to complications from his injuries, stopped to help the vehicle when they were out on a ride-along with the department. In the year 2021, Sergeant Burright had been shot and died while on the job.

In the year 2021, Sergeant Burright had been fatally wounded while on the job and had subsequently passed away. Trooper Mignano arrived at the scene in an attempt to render assistance; unfortunately, he was also struck and killed by the automobile when it proceeded into the area where the incident occurred.

On a daily basis, as well as today and every other day, we think about and pray for their loved ones and friends, and we will never forget them or the memories we have of them. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the selfless actions of love and dedication to our community that were performed by these heroic individuals be forgotten.


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