James Baylor Obituary, Man Dies Several Days After Assault In Downtown Lincoln

James Baylor Obituary, Death – According to the statements made by the police, an incident that took place in the central business district of Lincoln during the tail end of the previous month is responsible for the death of at least one individual. On August 27 at approximately one in the morning, law enforcement officials located James Baylor, age 55, who was unconscious and suffering from a head injury. Baylor was found to be suffering from a concussion. The discovery was made close to the intersection of 13th Street and P Street, which is a major crossroads in the area.

After sustaining life-threatening injuries, including a hemorrhage on the brain, which required emergency medical attention, he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition after suffering from his injuries. Angel Rodriguez Alvis, who is 22 years old, was taken into custody by law enforcement officials once the inquiry was concluded. He was arrested on a charge of assault in the first degree, and he is currently being kept in custody.

According to the police report, Rodriguez Alvis and two other people struck Baylor in the face after getting out of a vehicle. Also allegedly involved in the attack were Baylor and another individual. It was reported that Baylor suffered an injury. Baylor was hurt when he slammed his head on the ground after losing his balance and collapsing. His injuries were caused by the impact. Following that, the three individuals got back into the car and continued their journey in the opposite way.

Erika Thomas, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department, stated that Baylor was pronounced deceased on Tuesday as a result of the injuries he acquired as a result of the incident. An autopsy is being carried out at this moment on the body of the dead person. At this point, there is no way to determine with absolute certainty whether or not Rodriguez Alvis will be subject to additional charges. It is expected that he would show up in court on the 27th of September in connection with the matter that is his responsibility.

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