Jalisa Worthy Missing Person, Detroit Michigan, Police Still Searching

Jalisa Worthy Missing – On January 29, a woman named Jaleesa Worthy, who had attained the age of 30 at the time, escaped from a group home in which she was being placed. Jaleesa had been there since she was a teenager. Since then, she and no one else has seen or heard from her again, and there is no sign that she is still alive. Neither she nor anyone else has any reason to believe that she is still alive. Nobody, including her, has found any indication that she is still alive, nor has anybody else.

At this point in the investigation, the authorities are continuing their search efforts in the hopes of identifying her location. According to the testimonies provided by those who claimed to have witnessed the sightings, the most recent sightings of her were believed to have occurred in the West Chicago and Beech Daly neighborhood. This information was gleaned from the testimony of persons who claimed to have witnessed the sightings. Worthy is said to have a body weight of 200 pounds and to have a height on his frame of 5 feet and 9 inches. It is also said that he has a muscular build.

The information presented in this paragraph is derived from many urban legends. In addition to this, it is said that he has brown hair and blue eyes. This information is based on reports. Worthy’s hair was a flaming red color at the time of her abduction, and she was wearing a pink body suit when she was last seen before she was taken. In addition to that, she had on a pink one-piece body suit. Nobody is aware of what occurred with her, and nobody cares. If you have any information about this event, they will ask you to call them, so if you do, please contact the Redford Township Police Department as soon as possible at the following number, (313-387-8751,) if you do.

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