Howard Michaels Obituary, Couples Who Own Fly Creek Cider Mill Has Reportedly Died

Howard Michaels Obituary, Death – A couple who was responsible for giving the Fly Creek Cider Mill its modern appearance and both of whom have since died away. The death of Howard Charles Michaels took place on August 26, and that of Barbara Ann Michaels took place on September 3. Barbara was 85 when she passed away, and Charlie was 89 when he passed away.

Charlie, who was born in Cooperstown and received his education there, was a member of the fifth generation of residents in the town. After serving in the armed forces for a period of time, he decided to pursue a career in carpentry. During her first winter in Cooperstown, Barb met Charlie. After getting married in 1962, they chose to make their home in Fly Creek.

According to what was written in Charlie’s obituary, he worked for the Neilson Corporation as a union carpenter. Barb was a school instructor. The entrepreneurial drive that Charlie and Barbara have in common was on full display when they meticulously renovated and extended the historic cider mill that was located on their property. What was once a humble enterprise blossomed into a well-liked agritourism site, where they pressed apples and made treasured moments with guests.

According to his obituary, the hard work and devotion of his family to the Fly Creek Cider Mill has built a legacy that will remain for generations. It was in Fly Creek that Barb and Charlie rebuilt the Fly Creek Cider Mill, developing it into an iconic family destination in Otsego County. This is what the obituary for Barb said.

She opened the Old Mill Studio Shop on the upper floor, where she welcomed hundreds of guests and enticed them with warm doughnuts that were prepared in a wood-burning furnace. Her speciality was dried floral arrangements, and she earned the moniker “weed lady” because she always left a bottle of hard cider behind as a thank you for her customers. Her hidden farms and fields provided the fresh flowers for her arrangements.

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