Gil Smith Obituary, A Cherished Soul Has Passed Away

Gil Smith Obituary, Death – I am deeply saddened to inform you that my father, Gil Smith, passed away suddenly a month ago. It has taken me a few moments to collect my thoughts and energy; nothing in life truly prepares you for moments like these. He was an outstanding example of a father. I will always be thankful, and I know that I am very blessed. I can say without a doubt that I had the best possible upbringing growing up.  The presence of Dad was guaranteed at every sporting event. On most evenings, we continued to throw the baseball until it was dark outside.

He was an effective educator, and he made sure to give equal attention to all three children. He had a drive for competition and was enthusiastic about fly fishing and golf. Smooth swing, smooth cast, smooth dancer…very fluid in nature…just like the Pisces that he was. He believed that he was a pretty smooth bullshitter as well. I took up the same hobby as him, and over the years we played countless rounds of golf together and became inseparable friends. As we were growing up, he was never absent from our lives.Those are some memories that I hold dear.
I’m going to miss his cynical sense of humor and his upbeat attitude about life. It appears that this is the ongoing theme shared by individuals who have contacted out and expressed such lovely words, love, and support. We are able to communicate with Dad’s other Facebook acquaintances and connections thanks to the tagging feature. We won’t be conducting a funeral service in the typical manner. Instead, we are going to scatter his ashes over the Snoqualmie River in Washington state, which was one of his favorite places to go fly fishing. If you came across this article at any point in time and knew Dad, I ask that you not be shy about sharing anything at all. Please don’t hesitate. I am grateful. Father, I pray that you are finally at rest.

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