Fred Gustafason Obituary, Cradock Alumni & Friends Mourns Death Of Beloved Member

Fred Gustafason Obituary, Death – In the summer of 2022, Fred Gustafason, CHS-72, the younger brother of Margo Gustafason McNeil, CHS-69 and Ronald, Gustafason CHS-67, passed away in the Villages, Florida. Fred was a well-liked student at Cradock who participated in a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports and social events. He played football for three years and wrestled for two years. His classmates remained in touch with him via Facebook.

Death notice – On July 22, 2022, Frederick Richard Gustafson, who resided in The Villages and was 67 years old, passed away. His wife, Debra Ann Gustafson, his two sons Frederick O Gustafson and Kiley S Gustafson, his daughter Christina M Gustafson, his brother Ronald W Gustafson, and his sister Margo McNeil are among the people he leaves behind.

He was a man of intelligence, quick wit, a predilection for kidding around, and he loved his family very much. He was a man of humor. He was the kind of person who would help you out in any situation, but he had a particular soft spot in his heart for those who were struggling. Fred was a man of many talents who started and ran numerous successful enterprises, ran for political posts, and remained busy in retirement by meeting new friends and reconnecting with old acquaintances. He was a man of many accomplishments. On any given day, you could find him enjoying water volleyball, golf, or fishing. He’s always up for an adventure. His loved ones will miss him tremendously. We are able to take comfort in the knowledge that Jesus is observing us from above.

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