Former University of Georgia employee sues sports association and others for tragic automobile crash

An ex-recruitment analyst has sued the University of Georgia Athletic Association and other parties after being seriously hurt in a car accident in January. Hours after the university celebrated its football national championship, the crash claimed the lives of Chandler LeCroy, a recruitment analyst, and Devin Willock, a UGA football player.

The lawsuit claims that Vicky Bowles “suffered multiple debilitating injuries,” such as broken bones and lacerated organs. Bowles has filed a lawsuit against Jalen Carter, a former UGA football star and current first-round choice in the NFL draft, as well as his firm, Breadman Jalen LLC, and the estate of LeCroy, the driver of the vehicle in which he was a backseat passenger. According to the officials, Carter was operating the other SUV that was present at the incident.

Bowles accuses the athletics association of carelessness in the case because it let LeCroy to use a university-leased SUV despite the fact that he had gotten numerous speeding and “super speeder” tickets in the six years prior to the collision. LeCroy and her UGA supervisor were in the car when she received one ticket, according to the complaint.

Before the fatal collision, LeCroy allegedly picked up the car and drove a recruit to and from celebrations of the victory, including a dinner the night of the tragedy. According to the lawsuit, Bowles was assigned a different vehicle to drive and accompanied the UGA football coach and a recruit to the same restaurant. After the coach notified LeCroy that he required her car after dinner, Bowles gave the coach the keys and requested a ride.

The accusation asserts that Bowles and LeCroy dropped off the recruits prior to leaving them off before continuing their celebrations downtown where they hooked up with football players Willock and Warren McClendon at a strip club. According to the complaint, while being driven by LeCroy, “Ms. Bowles did not want to be left downtown alone that evening,” therefore she made the decision to go to the club with the group.

According to Athens-Clarke County police, LeCroy exited the club in a vehicle traveling “about 104 miles per hour” before hitting two power wires and a number of trees. A few miles south of the UGA campus, something occurred. Authorities assert that Willock was killed after being thrown from the SUV. After being transferred to a hospital, LeCroy passed away. For minor wounds, McClendon was brought to the hospital.

According to the lawsuit, Bowles had numerous injuries, including fractures, abrasions, brain injury, and spinal cord damage that could result in permanent paralysis. Bowles is requesting recompense for more than $170,000 in medical costs, as well as past and future missed wages with an undetermined amount. LeCroy’s estate and Carter’s agents have both been contacted by CNN for comment, but neither party has yet to react.

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