Edwin Shaw Obituary, Death, A Cherished Soul has passed away

Edwin Shaw Obituary, Death – Another great person has departed this world, and as a result, all of our lives will be diminished in some way as a result. Edwin Sonny Shaw passed gone without having to experience any pain or distress in the moments leading up to his death. He passed away yesterday morning at an early hour. During a large portion of time, Sonny served as the head coach of the baseball and softball teams that were affiliated with the New Milford youth organization.

These teams participated in recreational as well as organized leagues of competition. His accomplishments in the world of athletics cover both of these spheres. He was the organization’s president for a substantial chunk of the many years that he was actively involved with the league, during which time he also served as its president. Sonny was presented with the honor of being inducted into the Babe Ruth Hall of Fame in the year 2015 in the state of Connecticut.

This award was bestowed upon Sonny in recognition of all of his accomplishments in the sport of baseball. Sonny received this accolade as a token of appreciation for the numerous efforts he made toward the overall development of the sport. Sonny was not only a caring and thoughtful father and grandfather, but he was also a close friend to each and every child and grandchild that belonged to his family.

This included both his biological and adopted offspring. This included the children he had from a biological relationship as well as his grandchildren. We will never, ever, ever forget you, Sonny, and we pray that one day you may be able to find the peace in this life that you so desperately require. We promise that we will never, ever, ever forget you. We promise that not even for a second will we ever forget you. It appears that Sonny is having a conversation with Bill Pullan, who can be seen in that area of the picture, and the dialogue is taking place on the left side of the image.

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