Christopher Bradley Obituary, Montreal QC, Family Mourns

Christopher Bradley Obituary, Death –  It’s me, Bradley Kreofsky Notice of death: Bradley Kreofsky, a resident of Plainview, Minnesota and a graduate of Winona State University, killed tragically unexpectedly. His passing in the morning of Sunday, September 10, 2023, left his family and other loved ones bereft. The Bradley On September 19, 1980, the world welcomed Steven Kreofsky, the cherished child of Steven Kreofsky and Stephanie (Johnson) Kreofsky.

Steven Kreofsky came into this world. His educational journey started in Plainview, Minnesota, his hometown and the place where he received the most of his early education. When Bradley triumphantly obtained his high school diploma from Plainview in 1999, it was the culmination of his academic career and the end of his time there. Because he was keen to broaden both his knowledge and his abilities, he decided to pursue higher education at Winona State University.

As a consequence, he was able to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from that institution. Bradley followed a path in his professional life that lead him to become a co-owner of W.A.K. Construction Company, Inc. in Plainview, where the contributions he made were extremely important. This was his first significant accomplishment in his academic career.

In addition to his efforts in the classroom and the workplace, Brad was a devoted member of the Community Presbyterian Church in Plainview. It was there that he discovered the community and spiritual solace that he sought in his life. facebookCreate a shareable link on Facebook.

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