Chippy Hernández Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Chippy Hernández

Chippy Hernández Obituary, Death – We are sorry to inform you of the demise of the DETROIT DON “EL CHIPO,” also known as Chippy Hernández and Cartel Chippy. His death has left me with a heavy heart. I am sorry to inform you of this development and offer my most sincere sympathies. Someone who was responsible for the operation’s architecture and planning has vanished under suspicious circumstances.

Chippy, who was a dear friend of mine, was the kind of man who loved everyone and who made a positive effect in the lives of a huge number of other people. This individual embodied the precise definition of the term “authentic” in every way. The sum of one hundred thousand dollars, my man. I’m going to miss getting to hang out with this man and catching up with him whenever we do so.

He persisted to accompany me to symphonies despite the fact that he was embarrassed by it and everyone else thought it was crazy. We engaged in a lengthy discussion on a wide range of subjects while standing on the porch. El Chipo was a guy who possessed extraordinary intelligence and was also a genuine criminal genius. He was exceptionally bright and had a high level of intelligence.

A running joke in the family goes something like this: “We know We know.” And his reaction would be “what,” while he grinned and crossed one foot over the other knee of the leg he was kicking over with the other foot. Moreover, he would cross one foot over the other knee of the leg he was kicking over with the other foot.


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