Charlie Wilder Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Charlie Wilder

Charlie Wilder Obituary, Death – I am writing you this note of condolences in the wake of the passing of another classmate with a heavy heart.
Some of you may have known him by the name Wilder. I only ever referred to him as Charlie. His artwork, his love of poetry, his generous attitude, and his lovable character all contributed to the vast amounts of love and light that he brought into this world. In the most recent couple of weeks, I paid him a few different visits.

Because his prostate cancer had already progressed to other parts of the body and his treatment options had become quite restricted, he made the decision not too long ago to discontinue all of his treatment. Since that time, he stayed for a while at Windward Gardens in Camden, and then he traveled to the house of a dear friend named Margie in Rockland, where he spent his final days in peace before passing away. On Thursday, George and I traveled to his house to assist him with some paperwork while we were there.

Before we went, we made sure he was comfortable and helped him get back into bed, then we brought him some of George’s dahlias to liven up his room. I will never forget giving him that one more hug before helping him ease into bed while I held him up from the wheelchair. Some individuals are unaware of the tremendous power that may be contained inside a simple embrace. For me, it was an emotionally moving moment to say goodbye. I was aware that this would be the very last one.
Yesterday at three in the afternoon, Charlie went away. Dear friend, may you finally rest in peace. You were held in such high esteem by so many. You are currently experiencing a wonderful journey free from any agony that you previously endured. I’m crazy about you, Charlie. Fly high with your guardian angel, since you are one of those angels who are guiding all of us.

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