Bernice Geiger Obituary, Bernice Geiger Has Passed Away Unexpectedly – Death

Bernice Geiger Obituary, Death – Bernice Geiger, the communications director for the state Department of Regulation and Licensing, and her husband Mark Geiger both passed away in an automobile accident in Arizona on Sunday, according to an announcement made by that department on Tuesday. Geiger was singled out for praise by the department, but no information about the tragic vehicle accident, such as where it took place or how it happened, was provided. Linda Trujillo, the superintendent of the Regulation and Licensing Department, said in a statement that “Bernice was an incredible person and cared deeply about NMRLD’s mission to protect public safety.”

“In her more than 15 years at the department, she always made an effort to know everyone’s name, and the knowledge she had of the department made her a trusted and respected colleague,” concluded Trujillo. “I speak for myself as well as the rest of the staff here at NMRLD when I say that we will miss the wisdom and kindness Bernice brought to work each and every day.” Reporters were familiar with Geiger thanks to her high level of professionalism and attentiveness. Ann Pierret, who works as an investigative reporter for KRQE-TV, referred to Bernice as “a class act” in a tweet that she posted. “An absolute pleasure to work with; thoughtful, kind, and extremely helpful.””I know my job sometimes made Bernice’s already tough job even tougher, but she never lost her temper and ALWAYS took my call and/or called me back,” he said in the email. “I know my job sometimes made Bernice’s already tough job even tougher.”

In 2007, Geiger became a member of the department and was first assigned the role of marketing director for the Securities Division. According to a statement that was included in a press release, “Berniece quickly rose to become a leader beyond the Securities Division and throughout the agency as a whole due to her positive outlook and commitment to her work.” After holding the position on an acting basis for a number of years, Geiger was promoted to permanent status as the department’s public information officer in 2017. The press announcement stated that she had two children as well as two grandkids, and that she was expecting her third grandchild.

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