Barbara Bailey Obituary, Death, In Loving Memory Of Barbara Bailey

Barbara Bailey Obituary, Death – My mother Barbara Bailey died at 2:15 on September 2nd. She was having a typical day. Took a nap and vanished. My mum was tough but soft. I did not appreciate her fully. I bought into the lie that parents were perfect? 58 years and a deeper look at my shortcomings and parenting failings let me appreciate my mother’s gem. Her generation made it harder for women to achieve. To “qualify” for this or that, we had to meet 1-10 standards. You either won or lost the title.

Mother shattered the mold! She would not be compared to sexists. She invented her own category and became queen by her own standards. Mom invited many women in to share the crown! She achieved it in this world. Elegant, classy, and passionate. She believed in herself when others didn’t. She treated others as she wanted to be treated. Golden guideline for golden women. She took the high road and never made amends. She laughed, smiled, sobbed, and hurt.

Blessed woman created lemonade from lemons. And then finds a better recipe. She helped and organized women, especially entrepreneurs. If you had an MLM or startup, she signed up and grew it. She adored all her friends and made them faster than everyone else.
Mom was always moving! One of the strongest women I knew.

I am proud of my mother. I wish I had valued her more as a child. I got busy, focused, and resolved to do what was best for my family, not just me. I now realize I am like my mother and blessed. Thank you, mom, for loving me and being my biggest supporter. I appreciate your motherhood. Our discussions are deeply missed. I will miss making you laugh or smile. I shall miss the one person who loved me forever. Now that my north star is gone, I will be lost. But mum, I know you will support me till we meet again.


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